How to

Install the plugin

The plugin can be installed like as you usually do with WordPress plugins.

You can put it into the folder /wp-content/plugins/, or upload it from the Plugin menu; then you can enable the plugin.

Setup the plugin

  1. Go into the menu Magic Post Thumbnail
  2. You have three parts : Settings, Banks and Cron :
    • Settings allow you to configure global settings. Post types, which content to take to generate images (title, tags or categories) and make generation random or not.
    • Banks show all available banks. Here you can choose which bank the plugin will take to work with in order to generate featured images on your pages. Then according the chosen bank, there are more or less numerous settings.
    • Cron. If cron is enabled the functionality will activate a cron, the plugin will launch itself automatically. You can choose which post type, time interval and page (how old they are) will be processed.

Use the plugin

There are many ways to use the plugin.

First, it is possible to generate featured images when you create/edit a post. If you have enabled the plugin for chosen post type (for example posts), verify that enabled plugin onto the post is checked (on the right). When you hit Publish or Update, the featured thumbnail will appear.

There is another way to generate thumbnails, for several posts. If your post type is for example posts, you have to go into Posts > All Posts. Check every checkbox linked to posts. Then choose Generate Magic Post Thumbnail into the Bulk Actions and Apply. You will be redirected to the generation page and notification will appear to inform you about success or failure.

Magic Post Thumbnail is also compatible with some plugins dedicated to automated content on WordPress. This is the list :

  • WPeMatico
  • CyberSyn
  • Rss Post Importer
  • FeedWordPress
  • WP All Import

Pro version allows you to setting Crons. The plugin will create images with time interval if you have enabled the option.

Banks overview

Google Image (Scraping)

This is the easiest method to get a large choice of images, but this method doesn’t go through Google API. Results are the same than a search on Google Image.

Google Image (API)

This method go through Google API.

To get the key API, you have to go on Google APIs Console, and go to Credentials > Create credentials > API key. Copy the key. You have to enable Custom Search API. Go into Library > Custom Search API and enable.

The image below show every step :


The second step consist of retrieving the new Custom Search ID.

Go into Custom Search, add an URL and a name to your new search engine. Setup for your new seach engine (Edit Search Engine > Setup). In the bottom, there is “Sites to search“, delete the default website (otherwise image search will work only on your website and not over all the web !). Retrieve Search Engine ID through the button.

What to do :

When you got all ids (API key & Search engine ID), you can fill the plugin settings.


Flickr is a free photos sharing website, with a huge community. The website has 13 billions photos. Photos filters are numerous.

It is not needed to fill API id to use Flickr with the plugin Magic Post Thumbnail.


Method with Youtube allows you to get thumbnail from videos search results.

To get API ID, method is the same than Google API. Follow the process :


Pixabay is an image database. Images are royalty free and can be reused; there are about more than one billion images and photos.

You have to register an account on Pixabay website. Then go on API page, below the title “Search Images” you will get the API key. You can to fill it into the plugin (you have to provide your login also).


Shutterstock is a paying image database. If you choose this method, generated images will have a watermark (“Shutterstock” image will appear above the original image).

There are many options for settings. You can choose the type “video”, in that case, the way to work is like Youtube and there is no watermark.

You have to register an account on Shutterstock website. When it’s done, go to your developer account,  and Register new application. You have to fill all data. You will have two ids needed : Client ID and Client Secret.

Getty Images

Getty Images is also a paying image database. If you choose this method, generated images will have a small size compared to others methods (about 170x120px).

You have to register on Getty Images. You will be abble to create your application and get your API Key here.


Unsplash is a wonderful photos database, taken by photographers.

Registration is here. Application creation and API Id are on this page.